Vidéo consulting, from Paris, wherever you are. 

France - Europe - International.

Experience - Expertise - Natural Advise        

                                                                                                                                                             (123RF - Banque d'images)

Why choose video consulting?  It's simple and easy to use ! 

Desiring to consult a French naturopath but you live abroad 

Know that consulting by video or in person takes place in the same manner.  

* The first appointment lasts one hour and a half .  


* The naturopath will establish your balance of vitality and give you advice on ways to improve your daily lifestyle.  


              * Our exchange is facilitated as consultation takes place                          

by Skype or FaceTime.

  Same protocol  but two different places.

How?   All you need is a computer and webcam.

                   * The connection is secured and confidential.                                                                     * There is no need to install software.

Click on the link below to book an appointment.



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Your appointment will then be confirmed.

 A Paypal link will then be sent to you, for payment.


After having received payment,  you will obtain a second mail with your new access code for future purchases.

Your appointment is now confirmed.


 Congratulations !! 


You're welcome !

                On the appointed day and hour of your consultation                

go to our website and

click on the following link :

Enter your code to start your consultation.
You are all set, let us begin !!!

        Not a doctor but an educator for a more                                                                                        positive way of living !!         **   Teacher of natural medicine.  

A lifestyle in compliance with the laws of nature..

Consultation in English and French.

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